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Sunday, 30 December 2012
Particpate in the Next Heart Immersion Firing

We'll be firing up the 'Love Kiln' again on
Friday, January 4th
with the Heart Immersion Meditation from 7-10pm pst, so mark your calendar!

This Strata Pendant May Still Be Available at Our Etsy Store!
This is an opportunity to join hearts with other participants from around the globe, sending love to the newly forming crystals within the latest grouping of Born In Love pendants. You don't even have to leave home!  A new Crystal Session -- a 20 minute guided meditation with additional music tracks -- is available for free download above.  While the Heart Immersion Firings were our inspiration for creating the new Crystal Session, we've designed it for you to use any time you wish to send something/someone love using a gentle guided visualization.

Can't sit down anytime between 7-10 on Friday for the group meditation?  That's okay ... Very basically, 'Wherever You Are and Whenever You Are' you can send your Heart-Light to the kiln, directing it to land at the perfect time and place! Our friend, Susan, has integrated it into her daily practice.  Even standing in the checkout line ... if you think about the project and have a moment, open your heart and see your Heart-Light flowing to the kiln.  It's that easy ... Love On!

Let us know you'll be participating by joining our
Facebook Events Page!  We'd love to hear from you ...

Download the new Crystal Session Music/Meditation for Free on the Events Page as well
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Another Happy
Born In Love-er

~ smile ~
 Crystal Session Download   
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