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 What's in a Pendant?   

Sanskrit word meaning
sacred ground,
sacred earth or
physical place
where one can more
easily pass
from the mundane
to the sacred

At the clay studio of Born In Love, we start with porcelain clay, rolling it out and cutting and forming the disks in a mindful way, never working when upset or distracted.  The water used in our special crystalline glazes is 'charged' for at least 24 hours in a special egg-shaped vessel which has the word 'love' written over its surface.  It is at this time that a bit of water blessed by the living saint, Mata Amritanandamayi Devi (Amma), is added as well. While mixing the glaze into the water, we sing traditional Vedic chants, enjoying the moment and keeping our hearts open.  After the disks have completed their first firing, they are ready to be glazed.

Brushing the glaze on the surface of the disks, again, we do so in a mindful way, using our mantras and holding positive thoughts.  When the glaze has dried, it is time for the second firing in our computer-equipped kiln which is also covered with the word 'love', in many languages, over its surface.  This is a very special firing in that it is during the final three hours that the crystals in the Tirtha pendants are 'blooming', or forming.

This is our time to be the most attentive.  We begin by lighting the candles on the alter and giving thanks.  We quiet our minds while listening to the special 'Crystal Session' we created specifically for this time -- meditative music, inspirational poetry and special chants -- sacred sounds designed to invoke a loving resonance for both the listeners and the blooming crystals.  And, it is at this time that we join with many others around the world, in mediation and prayer, who have volunteered to participate and lend their loving energy to the Born In Love project -- all targeting the blooming crystals with loving intention.  We all know it is time and energy well spent.  We feel the connection and  we've witnessed the results.

It is about 12 hours later that, in the studio, we wish that everyone who participated in the 'Heart Immersion' meditation during the firing could be there with us.  When we finally get to open the kiln, it is a pure blessing. 

The radiance is brilliant, true and undeniable.

It is our sincere pleasure to have the opportunity to offer the Tirtha pendants to others.  We invite you to join us in our shared experience.

Namaste' ... In Love  --Thomas and Amara Alban

Another Happy
Born In Love-er

~ smile ~
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