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 Our Story   

The “Birth” of Born In Love
Amara Alban
Hondo Wash, Ca – January, 2009

Thomas and I have been potters for about eight years now.  We made our living with clay almost from the first time we put our hands in it.  While it’s truly been a love affair on many levels, and lot of folks tend to see living as a clay artist as romantic … on a physical level, it’s hard work, is what it is!  But we’re happy in it.  Funny story … When we were living in our home-town of Savannah, GA, about ten years ago, I set an intention to become closer to the earth – I was feeling quite disconnected and even afraid of nature at times.  And Thomas, right about that time, stated that he wanted to “co-create with the earth.”  Of course, we both had our own ideas about how these requests would manifest, but we just made them known to the Universe and let them go.  Years later we were in our studio and remembered what we had each asked for.  I looked down and went, “Oh! … Oh!  I’m definitely closer to the earth!  Elbow deep!  And there’s Thomas – you can’t get more literal about co-creating with the earth than being a potter!”

That was a big lesson in how the Universe unfolds our intentions before us.  It’s fun when we’re caught by surprise like that.  As I mentioned, making a living with clay is hard work …it can start to take its toll on the body.  I found myself, early in 2008, really taking a look at how I could continue to work with the clay, but in a more sustainable way.  At this time as well, Thomas and I were in the process of greatly simplifying our lives.  We had acquired some beautiful land in the rocks of the Mojave High Desert a few years back and were in the process of finishing out the yurt we had built there.  We had dreams of living more and more sustainably, in rhythm and harmony with our surroundings, and at the same time were trying to reconcile this picture with that of our current business.  Making pottery is also messy and consumptive.  We wanted to live on our land with as small a footprint as possible.  We just couldn’t see bringing our giant kiln out to the rocks.  So, we were definitely up for some changes and put it out to the Universe … “We want to transform our business to impact the planet as little as possible, keep it simple, be able to operate it sustainably from our new little home, earn right livelihood and allow monetary abundance.”  We also had our other values in mind … service, connection to community, a tie to our spiritual development and higher consciousness …   then we let it go.

 Later, in June of 2008, Thomas and I were on retreat at the LAX Hilton – spending the week in open and loving connection with hundreds of others, witnessing and experiencing compassionate, selfless service in the presence of Mata Amritananda Mayi.  Known by millions simply as Amma, she is a living saint and humanitarian making compassionate, positive change on the planet on a massive scale, yet at the same time, in very personal ways.  Amma is a very inspiring and motivating force in our lives.  It was on our way home, back to the desert, after staying up all night with Amma as she hugged over 7,000 people, our car overflowing with her grace, our shared epiphany came.

Some years back we had made crystal glazed porcelain pendants as part of our pottery business.  They were pretty disks, with crystals suspended in the glaze – the willemite crystals actually growing in the kiln during the firing.  Thomas posed the question, “What if, while the crystals are blooming the kiln, we send loving intention to them?”  This idea reminded us of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work with the water crystals.  “We can write 'Love' on everything we use to make them ... and we can chant!” I said  … “use sound and music!”  It snowballed from there.  We experienced a down-pouring of inspiration that was like none we had experienced before.  As the vision unfolded, it became a very real possibility that these pendants, if sincerely Born In Love, could end up being very powerful tools for positive transformation.  There was no way to know for sure, unless we did it.  And who were we to say no to this amazing gift?  By the time we got home, we had a good solid outline of what we were to do. 

Most surprising was the realization of how our new adventure had the potential to fulfill all we had asked for – and more.  We even got to integrate our love for making and playing music into our business.  There was no way we could have even started to ask for that!  And it would now officially be our job to Choose Love -- to be in love as often and as much as we possibly could.  It’s one thing when it’s your spiritual practice, but when it’s your job, well ...

Less than two months later, we had a website up and were ready for our first firing.  The fun thing is that, as we told our friends what we were up to, the instant response over and over was “I want to help!”  A community started to organically gather around the project that continues to surprise and make me smile.  So, it moved from ‘Thomas and Amara’ creating this new business, to a community coming together in service.  They saw it too – the possibility for loving intention to flow to whomever wore the pendants.  About 25 people joined us in meditation and in sending loving intention to the kiln during that first firing.  Our Heart Immersion Team continues to grow and the possibilities for sharing love have continued to expand.

Nothing could have prepared us for the kiln opening on that first firing!  Opening any new kiln-load, even after eight years, is always like Christmas – but this was something else!  We were in heaven!  The pieces were so compelling; we couldn’t stop looking at them … they kept drawing us in – each one unique – each one with its own being.  The energy coming from the whole kiln load was overwhelming, but we pulled them out, one by one – it finally sinking in that we were responsible for handling sacred objects.  There was no ‘tossing a piece aside’ or setting them on a dirty surface – we had to consciously interact with them.  I felt very humbled to be doing what I found myself doing, and still do.

The results from others' perspectives?  From people who are wearing the pendants, we've heard things like, "It feels like my hand is being held through my healing process."  "It reminds me to choose a loving perception -- and helps me to get there faster."  "It feels like grace."  There's no denying the pendants, the crystals, are having a positive impact.

Not only do Thomas and I endeavor to create the pendants with as much loving consciousness as possible, but this practice flows into the running of the business as well.  Decisions are not made based on old paradigm business models.  Being a small start up and self funded affords us the opportunity to create business practices based in sustainability, our understanding of spirituality and emerging science and mostly, lets us simply follow our hearts.

Thanks for taking an interest in our story, and for connecting with Born In Love.  As our story continues to unfold, you are welcome to follow it and be a part through this web site!  Check back often ...  –Namaste’

Another Happy
Born In Love-er

~ smile ~
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