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Visit our Pottery Site!

"I finally feel as if my hand is being held through my healing process."
-- Charlyn

"I rarely wear jewelry ... and I just didn't want to take it off."
-- Steve

"It helps me to remember to choose love -- then it's easier to get there."
 -- Diana

"It feels like Grace."
-- Karen

Each Piece Unique ...

Tirtha:  Sanskrit word meaning sacred ground, sacred earth or physical place where one can more easily pass from the mundane to the sacred
At the clay studio of Born In Love, we start with porcelain clay, rolling it out and cutting and forming the disks in a mindful way — never working when upset or distracted.  The water used in our special crystalline glazes is “charged” for at least 24 hours in a special egg-shaped vessel which has the word ’love’ written over its surface.  It is at this time that a bit of water blessed by the living saint, Mata Amritananda Mayi (Amma), is added as well. While mixing the glaze into the water, we sing ...(more)
Another Happy
Born In Love-er

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 Our Video Blog   
A couple of videos from a recent house concert at Le Haut Desert Aerie in Pioneertown, Ca

Here, we rotate in videos related to the merging of new science with ancient spiritual understanding.  Have fun!
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 E-Merging Science and Sprituality   
 Just for Fun   

These are 'feel good' videos we like to share.
Many you'll see here we found on
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