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 Heart Immersion   
Would you like to meditate with us during the next Heart Immersion Firing
and add your loving intention to the new crystals coming into being?
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How Did We Get Here?

A few years ago, in our pottery studio, we started making crystal-glazed porcelain pendants.  It was fun -- they always came out unique from one another with pretty, fan-like formations, and our customers loved them.

We would use a special glaze which is 'seeded' with zinc to facilitate the growth of willamite crystals on the pendants.  This growing of the crystals happens during a specific period of three hours during the firing.

Flash Forward

On our way back from visiting with Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi Devi) during her stay in Los Angeles in June of '08, we experienced what felt like a 'download' of inspiration to do the pendants again, only this time, "...what if they were grown in an environment of loving intention?"  All of our interests and talents started converging on this one idea ... we would use devotional chanting, our music, prayer; the clay; we would charge the water and glaze, using written words, like Misaro Emoto ... it would be an experiment in focused intention, like what we had been reading about for years, but more organic and from the heart, rather than scientific.

How You Got Here

When we first started telling our friends what we were planning with the pendants we got a spontaneous and surprising response from many ... "I want to help!"

Our purpose here, then, as a team, is to 'bathe' the crystals in a loving environment as they're forming in the kiln and even 'charge' the kiln when it isn't being fired.  Participation can happen in as many ways as there are people doing it.  If you would like, every once in a while, throughout your day, help us charge the kiln by thinking good thoughts about it.  You could also visualize, at any time, the crystals forming on the pendants, bathed in light (time isn't real, after all).  Then there's connecting during the firing.  If you like, we'll send you an email a few days before each firing and you can participate during the actual forming of the crystals, again, with whatever intensity you choose.  We've created a 'sound track' we'll be playing during the process and you're welcome to download that, if you like.  It's about an hour long and serves to put us in alignment with higher will as well as help us call in help from other realms.  It's a good way to stay focused on our intention.  After the music stops, you can keep meditating (even an hour is an awfully long time to meditate, though), or go about the rest of your evening feeling great and throwing the kiln a loving thought/feeling every once in a while!
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Heart Immersions

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What is Heart Immersion?

We've come to use the words 'Heart Immersion' because, rather than seeing ourselves sending energy to the kiln, it seemed to make more sense to visualize the kiln coming into our hearts, it being bathed in heart-light.  It's simple.  When our minds wander, we just draw it back in again.  A picture of the 'love kiln' is posted here for your use, if you'd like to use this method.  Some people have mentioned that "It's awfully heavy and hot to put into my heart!"  If this is your situation, feel free to send a stream of heart-light, or whatever works for you.  (I think I just edit those parts out!)

I guess what excites me most, when I think about it, is that, potentially, thousands of people will be wearing these pendants over their hearts for years to come.  Wow.  Considering the fact that, rather than these being 'charged' crystals, I've started to see them as 'charger' crystals, the positive impact they can make is, perhaps, beyond imagining.

That so many people responded spontaneously from their hearts in wanting to join in on our experience has made it all the sweeter.

Much of this site is dedicated to connecting with the wonderful community that has organically grown around this idea.  The music is available for download, the blog for communication and inspiration, and we'll be posting pictures of examples of the crystals from each firing.

We also look forward to collecting and posting current articles and research on the quantum field, the effect of human intention on reality ... anything to do with the emerging science of consciousness!

It would be great for you to share your experience, or offer wisdom to other participants -- please post to the blog or drop us an email and stay connected.  We'll do our best to do the same ...

In Love  --Amara
Another Happy
Born In Love-er

~ smile ~
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