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 Crystal Sessions   
These recordings are created to assist our Heart Immersion Team to a state of focused relaxation and to invoke blessings and assistance from other realms while the crystals are forming in the kiln.

Listening to the recording is not necessary for participation.  If you would like to participate in future Immersions, you can sign up here to receive email updates on Immersion Times (crystal pendant firings) and be sure to check out our Heart Immersion Team page. 

I would like to offer my gratitude to Amritakripa, without whom I might not know the joy of devotional music.  That being said -- I have much yet to learn and experience and look foward to expressing more deeply and broadly with each Crystal Session.  I'm also looking forward to other artists participating in the project!  In Love --Amara

Track 1 - Dhyanashloka
Amritakripa starts us off with the Dhyanashloka, or invocation to the Mother, from her album Dancing Lotus.
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Track 3 - Joy and Courage to Change
This is actually two tracks from a new album out by The Soul Intenders (Charlyn & BC) called Harmonia.  It presents their pure harmonic vocals for healing and clearing.  Truly amazing what the human voice is capable of!
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Track 5 - Oneness
Elizabeth Egan, a long-time friend and professional singer who's voice is featured on the next Paul Oakenfold album to be released in April, made a lovely contribution with "Oneness."  The human voice is a full instrument, beyond its use for singing lyrics.  This composition, which Elizabeth has described as bringing through the energy of "very high majestic light frequencies"
in the form of glossolalia, is a testament to this.  You may want to envision colored rays of light descending into the kiln during this piece.
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Track 2 - Dance to Be Free
A MazAmar original with guest spoken word artist, Elise Kost.  It's a rhythmic meditational dance/movement piece composed to bring one into the body while invoking Tara's blessings to clear the way for our work.  Dance to Be Free!
<a href="">Play the media using the stand alone Player</a>
Track 4 - Agamanta
Again from her album Dancing Lotus, the lovely devotional chanting of Amritakripa with "Agamanta," prayer for enlightenment
<a href="">Play the media using the stand alone Player</a>
Track 6 - Awesome Day
Clive Wright and Carl Roessler of Spiral Ascension take us out with the beautiful meditative piece, "Awesome Day," from their album Land, Sea & Sky.
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